Adipose beiging benefits

Sinetrol® is a natural combination of polyphenols extracted from citrus and guarana targeting body weight management. Sinetrol® reduces the excess of fat mass and improves long-term body composition. Supported with 3 published clinical trials. 630mg/day.


Primary active compounds: naringin & hesperidin from citrus, both expressed as flavanones > 40%
Secondary active compounds: other flavanones, caffeine

Recommended daily dosage: 630 mg

Mechanism of action

More than 10 years of research have been conducted to support the mechanism of action and clinical benefits of Sinetrol® on body composition.

Sinetrol® works at the adipocyte level

The action of Sinetrol® relies on its demonstrated mechanism of action on the physiological energetic pathway of lipolysis. Sinetrol® mimics adipose cell phenotype change from white to beige, i.e. from a storing category of adipose cells to an energy metabolism-driven adipose cell category.

This effect of Sinetrol® avoids further restorage of fat within adipose tissue.

Clinical studies

Sinetrol® is a botanical ingredient studied in over 300 subjects in 4 clinical studies, including both Caucasian and Asian populations. Its benefits have been demonstrated using gold-standard methodology during interventional studies with follow-up.

Key features

    • Proven mechanism of action: adipose beiging benefits
    • Increase in resting energy expenditure
    • Rebalanced body composition: significant reduction of body fat mass without lean mass loss
    • Significant result on body weight, waist and hip lines
    • Long-lasting benefits: Subjects continue to experience adipose beiging benefits
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