Sinetrol in tablets in 181k+ from Ameri-Vita


181k+ from Ameri-Vita

The tiny-silver-canned 181K tablet has completed more than 3000 orders over the first 2 weeks after it has been launched on During the Double eleven shopping gala 2020, 181K became the top sales product in weight management category in cross-border division. 181K re-purchase ratio is much higher than similar products (according to Alibaba’s background data analysis). Such a success is very special in the entire weight management category. How could 181K accomplish this in their first year? The answer might be hidden in the ingredients list of the product.

For weight management, calorie control is the key to success. First of all, it is crucial to reduce calorie intake through diet control, and people need high intensity exercise to increase calorie consumption. So how long does it take to burn 181 calories? Jumping rope for 15 minutes, 20 minutes jogging, or walk for 30 minutes.

However, 181K’s answer is different. 181K contains Sinetrol®, a well-recognized, clinically studied proven ingredient from life science global leader Fytexia. When consumers use 181K, their basal metabolism could increase by an average 181 calories without additional exercise. That’s where the 181K name comes from, and that’s the real reason why 181K becomes so popular as a weight management product, in a vigorous competition market.

Effectiveness is the priority of 181K – every tablet contains 315mg of Sinetrol® XPur C, the most recent grade of Sinetrol, developed by Fytexia. Besides, 181K also adds cascara sagrada extract and aloe vera into its formula. That combination has a synergy of fat shredding and fat extraction, to ensure an effective, healthy slimming result.

The market research data shows that China weight management market was 194.5 billion CNY (25 billion Euro) in 2019, and the same research expects the market size would grow to 402.1 billion CNY (51.6 billion Euro) in 2023, CAGR is 19.9%. The fast growing market might stimulate more vigorous competition, and 181K is well-equipped for that with its highly effective formula and sophisticated market strategy.

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