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Discover how the gut-skin axis can be positively modulated by a food-based ingredient concentrated to 70% galactooligosaccharides (GOS): specific prebiotics originally identified in mother’s milk.
Joint and muscle discomfort affect different populations. Discover what consumers are expecting.
Fytexia is glad to join the Vitafoods Virtual Expo next week. Join us to discuss our latest news around clinically proven ingredients.
Join the Fytexia Team for an introduction to 2 natural ingredients to reinforce the innate immune system. Register here >
Fytexia now delivers Sinetrol Xpur C, a new concentrated grade of the clinically proven ingredient Sinetrol Xpur with a higher concentration in active compounds.
Introduction to our most recent clinical results on Sinetrol, our plant-based solution for body weight management…
The prebiotic functions of GOS 70% may have a beneficial effect on the key stages of innate immunity.
Fytexia introduces GOS 70%, an ingredient standardized at 70% galactooligosaccharides with a proven beneficial effect on the regulation of gut microflora…
The polyphenols of Oxxynea can be effective on the three key stages of innate immune system, keeping it on balance to be ready to respond to potential incoming pathogens.
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