Joint health support

Mangoselect® is composed of xanthones from mangosteen extracts proven to alleviate joint discomfort associated with the body’s natural inflammatory response within 5 days. Supported with 1 clinical trial. 600mg/day.  


Mangoselect® is a combination of 2 types of xanthones, alpha- and gamma-mangostin, from mangosteen extract, a tropical fruit used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine.

Recommended daily dosage: 600mg

Mechanism of action

Mangoselect® contributes to a fast relief in joint discomfort by an action on the mediator of oxidative stress and inflammation as demonstrated in a pre-clinical study by the measure of a primary inflammatory mediator, TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor alpha). 

Clinical study

A published single-blind, randomized controlled study clinical study on 24 subjects (athletes and elderlies) demonstrates that Mangoselect® is effective in significantly reducing joint discomfort for every supplemented subject in both groups within 5 days.

Key features

  • Clinically proven to be effective in 5 days of supplementation
  • Fast joint discomfort relief
  • Effective on both athlete’s population with occasional discomfort  and older people with chronical joint discomfort
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