Protein hydrolysate for satiety

DNF-10® is a protein hydrolysate from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Active on the mediators of satiety, DNF-10® helps to lower calorie intake and reduce body fat mass. Benefits have been clinically demonstrated after the first weeks of use. 500mg/day. 


The patented ingredient DNF-10® is an active fraction obtained after protein hydrolysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a yeast species used for thousands of years in baking, fermented food and beverage manufacturing processes. The manufacturing of DNF-10® involves enzymatic proteolysis and a selection of peptides with a molecular weight  <10kDa after an ultrafiltration step. The material is then spray-dried to obtain a dried powder. 

Recommended daily dosage: 500 mg

Mechanism of action

DNF-10®: decreasing food intake

A significant action on the modulators of short-term food intake at the hypothalamic level (NPY) and at the digestive level with a reduction in the hunger hormone ghrelin have been demonstrated.

Over the longer-term, DNF-10® also regulates our cellular secretion of leptin, the satiety hormone.

Clinical studies

DNF-10® benefits have been studied in several clinical studies on a total of 135 subjects involving different delivery systems.

Key features

  • Selected peptidic fraction from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Clinically proven benefits on a total of 135 subjects
  • Reduction of caloric intake significant after the first weeks (down to -600kcal/day after 8 weeks)
  • Significant weight loss after the first month
  • Weight loss is from fat mass reduction
  • Abdominal fat and waist circumference significantly decrease
  • Water-soluble and heat-resistant; suitable for supplements and functional foods
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