Immunity: HMOs as prebiotics


Prebiotics - the bifidogenic power of HMOs

The gut plays a central role in our innate immune system. A dysbiotic microbiota engendered by stress, aging, antibiotics etc., impacts negatively intestinal permeability and promotes endotoxemia: chronic and low-grade inflammation will mobilize the immune response and making it less available to fight exogenous pathogens. A supplementation with galactooligosaccharides may promote a healthy microbiota leading to the homeostasis of the immune system. 

Fytexia offers GOS 70%, an ingredient standardized at 70% galactooligosaccharides with 9% 4’-galactosyllactose, a unique HMO with a proven beneficial effect on the regulation of gut microflora at low dose.

The prebiotic functions of GOS 70% have a beneficial effect on the key stages of innate immunity by their action on the barrier function and the chronic low-grade inflammation, keeping the immune system on balance to be ready to respond to potential incoming pathogens: 

Step 1 – Direct effect of GOS in the barrier function
Step 2 – Modulation fo gram-positive bacteria population
Step 3 – Healthy microbiota for optimal anti-inflammatory response

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