[Gut Brain Axis] Managing satiety with yeast protein hydrolysate

In order to provide new discoveries and solutions for healthy weight management, researchers have focused on yeast, a safe microorganism with a long history of use by humankind.
A yeast hydrolysate derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae via protein hydrolysis has shown to high potential as a source of biologically active molecules to reduce energy intake via satiety regulation: DNF-10®.
More than 10 years of scientific investigation with mechanistic and clinical studies support the benefits of DNF-10® for reducing body weight and significantly lowering excess body fat, particularly within the abdominal area.
Studied mechanism of action – Gut-brain axis

Appetite is dependent on both short- and long-term mechanisms of hormonal regulation. 

Serum levels of ghrelin change according to the level of fullness of stomach when leptin, secreted over a 24-hour cycle by our adipose tissue, is regulated over the long term according to the fat mass; the more adipose tissue a healthy subject has, the higher the secretion of leptin. 

Just before the consumption of main meals, food intake is physiologically triggered by increased levels of ghrelin and maintained levels of leptin. 

DNF-10® significantly lowers ghrelin secretion before meals and contributes to maintain the release of leptin from adipocytes. 

The action of DNF-10® on those two hormones of appetite regulation is concomitant with a reduction in the secretion of neuropeptide Y (NPY), the neuromodulator of appetite.

  • Patented ingredient
  • Reduction in caloric intake significant after the first weeks
  • After 2 months, daily caloric intake drops by 600 kcal
  • Significant weight loss after the first month
  • Weight loss is from fat mass reduction
  • Abdominal fat and waist circumference significantly decrease


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