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science of polyphenols.

Fytexia Group – Member of ABF Ingredients, a group of dynamic, high value ingredient producers with complete focus on their target segments.


Fytexia’s mission is to reduce risk factors for non-communicable diseases by offering innovative nutritional ingredients from our scientific research and inspired by recognized public health food practices.  

Fytexia’s team of experts works with a global network of scientific researchers to deliver functional ingredients supported with the most stringent scientific approach, from the characterization of the active compounds to their clinical demonstration. The ingredients developed by Fytexia enter the formulas of the most advanced healthcare products to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers worldwide.

Fytexia operates globally: health solutions developed by Fytexia are available in more than 35 countries.

Leveraging 40 years of experience working with bee products, B Natural is an Italian company expert in the scientific valorization of propolis, through the development of a patented extraction method, allowing to obtain reproducible, standardized propolis extract.

Inspired by the outstanding work of bees in transforming natural substances into health-supportive compounds, B Natural aims to maximize the benefits of propolis. B Natural produces high-quality propolis extracts and other beehive derivatives, used by the world’s most demanding manufacturers and formulators of nature-based products.

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This website is intended to provide information about Fytexia’s ingredients, used in various dietary supplement products around the world. It is intended to provide information to food supplement professionals and is not designed for the general public. As Fytexia’s ingredients are being marketed in a large number of countries, it is the responsibility of each of our customers to ensure that the use of the ingredient and any claim made in the labeling or advertising of the ingredient comply with the applicable rules and regulations.