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Polyphenols: from theory to practice

Polyphenols are natural compounds synthesized exclusively by plants, with features related to phenolic substances and reported bioactivities to modulate oxidative and inflammatory stress, to play on macronutrient digestion and to exert prebiotic-like effects on gut microbiota. (Fraga et al., 2019)

Polyphenols are almost ubiquitous in plants, being generally involved in the attraction of pollinators, the execution of structural functions, defense against ultraviolet radiation and protection of plants against microbial invasion and herbivores. (Bertelli et al., 2021)

These compounds are also a full part of the human diet, ensuring the function of natural antioxidants that are metabolized by our organism and complete the endogenous pool of antioxidant defenses.

Polyphenols are a large group of phytochemicals, and their health benefits are numerous if the sources vary.

The consumption of a diversified diet contributes to provide the body with a spectrum of bioactive polyphenols. They help to maintain biological and physiological homeostasis for non-communicable disease prevention. (Fraga et al., 2019; Good et al. 2019)


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